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August 2014

September? Let’s go! – Tokyo Startup Events

September in Tokyo brings us all the exciting events pretty cramped up one after the other. Is it a coincidence or is it the fact that the beginning of the end of summer is always a pleasant period in Tokyo?... Continue Reading →

Startup DNA in Japan

Startup culture is rampant in California, well established in Berlin and rapidly growing in places like Israel with not-so-much-isolated bush fires all over the place — Singapore, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Helsinki… So where is Tokyo on this map?

Why is Tokyo an Awesome Place to Run Your Startup From?

How the Japanese megalopolis is underestimated; and why this could be your chance. What do you know of the Japanese startup landscape? How many young companies are there? What are they doing? Are they successful? The reasons why many of... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Interviewing at a Tech Startup in Japan

With the rise of foreign-based tech startups and incubators emerging in Tokyo (don’t forget Fukuoka), we’re seeing an increase in motivation to take risk and break through Japan’s lifetime employment model. You want to be part of something that is... Continue Reading →

Startup Toolkit

The idea is to quickly show you some of the tools we use for our daily activities, communication and processes and perhaps help some of you in need. There are plenty of other awesome tools, apps and services out there... Continue Reading →

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