Startup Toolkit

The idea is to quickly show you some of the tools we use for our daily activities, communication and processes and perhaps help some of you in need. There are plenty of other awesome tools, apps and services out there that we don’t use or haven’t even heard of; but we kind of love these ones.


Well, let’s just start from what we use most then! Slack was discovered in our attempt to find a sensible team communication tool and it quickly became much more than that. The entire interaction within the team, including the sharing of ideas and eureka-moments, is stored among slack channels, supported by a very powerful search functionality.

Justa Slack

We are particularly amazed by the small things that thrill us: the effects of swiping an image away in iOS, possibility to show thumbnails of shared Illustrator and Photoshop files, playing videos, showing a sample color box if entering a hexadecimal code as text, code snippets and the list goes on. Slack rules.


Justa Panda

This Chrome extension/website formerly known as Geisha is just a perpetual resource of inspiration for us — whether for engineers, designers and actually everyone else. It is super simple and covers so many resources that makes it very hard to run out of things to look at.


Justa Mailchimp

We use this marketing mail platform to organize and send out all our e-mails to users. We love its contact management system and simplicity of use. And it can also be integrated with Slack. It is also great to organize promotions and to monitor analytics.


Justa Brandisty

Could you overestimate the importance of your brand? Another simple and beautiful service that is letting us store everything related to our brand. Logos, colors, fonts and all other images always available in high quality to share with our team, partners and the media.


Justa Startup DNA — our collection on Medium

If you are reading this, the chances are you heard of Medium; because you are reading it on Medium. This publishing platform just amazes with its simplicity of use. Extremely easy to start writing, save and share drafts, manage collections and find super interesting things to read. Above all, it is very attractive. We love Medium.


Just Evernote Notebooks

Very refined concept of note taking and organizing. I use it on-the-go whenever I have to write something down. Train rides and quick coffee breaks suddenly became very productive happenings. Evernote is also always improving, updating and adding new cool features. It is also accompanied by some equally awesome tools like Skitch and Penultimate.


Justa Wunderlist

A to-do list and much more than that. I use it for all daily business related activities but also to have a comprehensive list of which books to read, movies to watch, and music to download. It has great mobile versions and it’s very easy to organize tasks, add subtasks and even attach files. The only downside is that sometimes it’s hard to complete all the tasks on the lists within the desired timeframe; however that is definitely not Wunderlist’s fault.

Google Drive

Justa Google Drive

I don’t really want to state the obvious but when it comes to old-fashioned documents and spreadsheets it all comes down to Google Drive. The ease of sharing, editing and collaborating is what made us completely get rid of the Office.

by Nik Pavesic, Project Manager @justajapan / living by a few ideas: crouch, bind, set: disrupt, change, improve, innovate.

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