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January 2015


去年、Justaでは最高に忙しい年となりました。Justaでは様々な良い出来事があり、 それは登録をすることでサポートをしてくれた全てのスタートアップをユーザーのおかげです。 今年Justaで起きたトップ7の出来事をまとめてみました!

Reflection: A Year in Justa

Last year Justa has been more than hectic, in the best way possible. We have had many changes happen to us, and it’s all thanks to those companies and candidates who have supported our service by signing up. Here are... Continue Reading →

When you’re socializing costs you’d better be sociable

or being Uber and being a mensch. Uber is now valued at $40 billion, which is amazing for a taxi company with no taxies, and Airbnb is worth $13 billion, which is a lot of money for a hotel chain... Continue Reading →

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