Reflection: A Year in Justa

Last year Justa has been more than hectic, in the best way possible. We have had many changes happen to us, and it’s all thanks to those companies and candidates who have supported our service by signing up.

Here are the top 7 events that happened to us this year:

  1. Launch
    In May, we launched the alpha version and soon after quickly moved on to beta. Those who currently run startups may understand that the beginning was very rocky, and we are still in that stage.

  2. Meeting great Startups in Japan
    Having startups sign up for Justa means that we got to meet a lot of the cool, innovative people who are running them. It’s been truly an inspiration for Justa, and it’s been such a stimulating experience every time we meet you guys.

  3. Building the Only Bilingual Platform
    Though most of our team are not Japanese, we have managed to build a platform in Japan. The fact that we can handle English speaking candidates and startups have become a great advantage to us, because we are tapping into a market that many recruitment platforms cannot.

  4. Participating in Events: Start Up the Party, Startup Asia & Many Others
    A good friend of Justa gave us the opportunity to be a part of an event to help us meet other startups and get inspired from each other: Startup the party: Tokyo x SF was probably a second birth to startup DNA in Japan. Startup Asia proved Tokyo is firm on the world startup map.

  5. Sponsoring; SF Japan Night and IE KMD Venture Day
    We love supporting other startups, and in 2014 we had the honor of sponsoring two great events. Sponsoring events is another way to seek the best and upcoming talent. We got to sit in and listen to great pitches by startups in Japan and Silicon Valley that are bound to make a big difference.

  6. 96 startups, 237 jobs and Counting.
    We started out with nothing. From March until today (January 5), we are being used by 96 startups in Japan. You can expect more growth in this area, as there are a number of startups signed up that are still tweaking their profiles. We would like to thank all the startups who have signed up on Justa and have used our services early on. We are very happy for those that interviewed and hired through us. We love you guys!

  7. Being Featured on Tech in Asia and The Bridge
    Finally, being mentioned by Tech in Asia and The Bridge helped us get the word out. Our growth has not stopped since. We are so thankful for this exposure, thank you guys! Don’t forget our super relevant blog either.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who has helped support Justa in any way possible! We love you all and we hope to have an even more exciting year in 2015 🙂

by Kumiko Karaki, Community Manager @justajapan/startup newbie/college student going on to the real world

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