Calling all women in Tokyo!

For the second year in a row JUSTA is a proud partner to Women’s International Networking Conference, aka WIN in Tokyo. It is happening tomorrow and Friday, May 19th & 20th at the Shangri-La Hotel and we will be there, so should YOU!

We made a list of 5 reasons why all women in leadership, young women entrepreneur, or startups & companies who want to have more powerful women in the workforce alongside them, should attend WIN.


  1. Who run the world? GIRLS! As the famous Beyoncé song goes, we at Justa totally agree. Although Japan is one of the largest economies in the world, gender inequality is still a major barrier for most working women in Japan. We love WIN so much as it promotes global female leadership and changes movement locally through their conferences. As such, we are excited to see the push here in Japan. Whether you are a woman in leadership or aspiring to be one, WIN Conference is not an opportunity you want to miss. It is the place to go for inspiration, knowledge and great advice to help you succeed in your careers and goals.


  1. Want to know the latest trends happening around the world? WIN has you covered. Program includes 23 world-class speakers and multiple skill building workshops! Some exciting workshops and talks include ‘What’s Going on Globally?’ and ‘Which are the Companies Leading the Way?’. This is the perfect opportunity to bring some tips and tricks for your company and career progressions from the top global and local leaders.


  1. Japan is definitely not known for its diverse and flexible work culture, come find out how to create a better work environment, like the ones seen at many Silicon Valley tech giants. WIN conference will have the best advice from the top-tier companies with the best practices, and the ones that are embracing diversity. As we will meet with the partners of WIN conference like Calbee, PEPSICO, KIRIN, Google, IKEA and hear what they are up to here in Japan.


  1. Above all, we know that one of the most powerful tools in business is networking, so why not develop your own connections through WIN! Eat, chat and exchange ideas with the best of the best within your field. There will be people from top management and top tier companies, entrepreneurs, consultants and politicians as well as artists. Make sure you have enough cards ready for the day!


  1. Last but not least, WIN is definitely one of the biggest – if not the biggest – events that celebrates women. It is not just about business; more importantly WIN provides support for women to empower them and allows them to speak out for themselves.


If you are looking for something stimulating and fun to complement May’s round of nice spring weather. WIN conference will not disappoint you, be sure to check it out yourself!


Written by Corrine Chan

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