7 Reasons Why Engineers Should Move to And Work in Japan

The US Presidential Election is over and the choice has been made. Whether you are happy with the result or not, US is probably going to face some changes which may adversely influence your job prospects or your mood. Why not take the opportunity to tick one of your bucket list and move to a new and fascinating country. So how about… Japan!?


Not to mention here are some really good reasons;


  1. Up and Coming Startup Community

You may think Silicon Valley is the main gold mine of great startups and ideas, but Tokyo is keeping up the speed with “Sugoi” Startups like Seven Dreamers who is creating the first ever Laundroid – a robot who will fold the clothes for you! Or 16Labs – who has developed a titanium, wirelesss recharbable IOT ring for literally everything. To many other great mentions that you can find on the Justa website.


  1. Pioneer of innovation

Although there is some cool stuff being developed, like using AI for language learning (yes talking about Cooori!), there is still SOO much room for innovation and pioneering since the Japanese startup ecosystem has just started to develop seriously a couple of years ago.

Moving to Tokyo means you can become a tech pioneer in one of the biggest cities in the world. People in Tokyo are usually open to and fast adopters of new technology. Get on the wave and feel like in Silicon Valley when it was 15-20 years ago.


  1. Tight foreign community and great opportunity for network

Foreigner networks in Tokyo are very tight. Once you attend some tech events, you will be able to know and get introduced to some really great people in no time. There is an abundance of tech events, and conferences, with recently Slush Asia, Tech in Asia and Pioneers making the way of English startup conferences in Tokyo.

You don’t only get to know fun people to have drinks with; you can actually get really close to all the decision makers striving to disrupt the market in Tokyo. We are talking from startups’ CEOs &CTOs, to huge tech firms to even government officials.


  1. Because…Tokyo, and because living in Tokyo is so Easy and Comfortable

Tokyo is TOKYO. Life in Tokyo is very comfortable which may come to a surprise, considering how big the city is. On top of being the safest city in the world — seriously, you lose your smartphone on the train and you will get it back within a couple of minutes—Tokyo is extremely convenient for a person to get around to eat, and to play. Trains are never late and they have some very soft cushions! So if you do get to run late on a project, its comfy trip home without having any of your belongings stolen.


  1. Long but fairly easy visa application

So what about that biggest concern of yours: getting a visa to live in Japan? Surprisingly, the visa application to work in Japan is so much easier than what you imagine. You only need to fill a couple of application forms to fill with the signature of your next employer, prepare a document stating your academic background, and send a scan of your passport and you are DONE! All you need to do then is to just be a little patient (1-3months) and wait for the approval process to be completed. Bonus points – engineers are VERY much needed in Japan. So you will be welcome with open hands and an onigiri!


  1. Food

Fun Fact – Tokyo has the most Michelin stars in the world!


  1. No Trump.




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