Justa Supports “Startup Girls” Movie


We are all about startups at Justa, helping them grow, building the community, and we played a role in creating and producing the film.

Startup Girls was filmed in our office. You’ll see our logo easter-egged throughout the film. And we’ve been a marketing partner to the film since before it was created. We helped organize events between the movie filming team, actresses, writer, director, basically everyone involved, with members of the startup community so the film crew could all understand startups more deeply. 

We think this film will be a key moment in the growth of startups in Japan. We are hoping startups go from a niche culture segment in Japan to more mainstream.

Our goal in helping out the film was to inspire the next generation of Japan’s entrepreneurs. To inspire more people to join startups. In Japan, a lot of people still don’t know what a startup is, but through the release of this film from Sapporo in the north to Okinawa in Japan, we believe that a whole new generation of startup talent will be born. If 5% of people who watch the film join startups in the future, maybe as interns, that’s another 5000 or 10,000 people or more if the film is a big hit who would join and enrich the startup community.

The trailer for the film is here!

You can find a theater near you and check out Startup Girls this opening weekend!

Opening weekend is super important for a film. As this film is an original film, made in a startup way, by a startup team, the traditional Japanese movie industry is skeptical on how well it will do, so having a big turnout this Friday, Saturday and Sunday is important. Please grab a friend, go buy some popcorn, and cheer on “Startup Girls”.

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