Announcing EQIQ

Effective October 1, 2019,  Wahl & Case K.K., the company that operates Wahl+Case, has changed its name to EQIQ K.K.


 In 2010, Wahl+Case started out to revolutionize the recruitment industry on a global scale by bringing unparalleled EQ to the world of tech recruiting. Since then, we have grown on both sides of the Pacific and gotten a better understanding of the magnitude of our real project: fixing the problems of work: recruitment, engagement and retention.  To do that, we realized, we needed the IQ of technology and data. 

 A Digital Transformation

We’ve been creating our own digital tools to bring EQ together IQ on our quest.  Some of them were less than successful, but we did realize that we were doing something quite rare.  We were transforming ourselves from a professional services company into technology company. It’s much more common the other way around.

Now, our IQ solutions Justa and Attuned are becoming as successful as our flagship EQ consultancy Wahl+Case.

And we’re just getting started.

The Future of Meaningful Work

The future of meaningful work is humanity + technology.

As the EQIQ group, we will continue to launch initiatives and tech solutions on our mission of blending humanity with data to create purposeful and frictionless work lives.

We thank all of the people who have supported us in both big and small ways to get here. Let us continue to shatter your expectations.

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