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Justa’s New Plans Announcement

We are happy to announce that we are changing the business model to better suit startups and current market! With this new change we can be more involved with each startup on the hiring process and help them growing their business.

7 Reasons Why Engineers Should Move to And Work in Japan

The US Presidential Election is over and the choice has been made. Whether you are happy with the result or not, US is probably going to face some changes which may adversely influence your job prospects or your mood. Why... Continue Reading →

How to Hire Great Sales People for Your Startup: Chat With Ryan Paugh, APAC Head of Sales Effectiveness at LinkedIn

All startups, especially startups in Japan, are in need of really good sales people – or usually legions of sales people. But often times startups lack the know-how to discover and hire the TOP GUN. The competition for sales people... Continue Reading →


Calling all women in Tokyo! For the second year in a row JUSTA is a proud partner to Women’s International Networking Conference, aka WIN in Tokyo. It is happening tomorrow and Friday, May 19th & 20th at the Shangri-La Hotel... Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks for Landing the Perfect Startup job at Slush Asia

Finally, Slush Asia is here, with thousands of people, and hundreds of startups, and tons of opportunities for those ‘startupers’ seeking exciting jobs! It is the perfect time for you to get ready, sharpen your incisors and bite into the... Continue Reading →

2015 IE x KMD Venture Day Tokyo

On Friday, November 13th, I had the pleasure to officiate as master of ceremony (aka MC) for the startup pitching competition organized jointly by IE Business School (IE) and Keio Media Design School (KMD) at the Keio Mita campus in... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons why Tech in Asia Tokyo 2015 will blow your mind.

If you only have time to attend one event this Fall, Tech in Asia Tokyo 2015 should be the one. Edition of Tech in Asia previously known as Startup Asia) is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious two-day conference held annually in Singapore, Tokyo,... Continue Reading →

How much do developers in Japan really make?

日本語版のアンケートはこちらからアクセスしてください Software developers in Japan might be shocked to learn how much their counterparts in other countries make, often earning up to twice as much. Developers have become one of the most sought after professionals, so why is Japan not... Continue Reading →

Wake Up Call for Japan

On a warmer winter morning the founder of 500 startups, Dave McClure, showed up in the Tokyo Lab Paak space in the heart of Shibuya. His presentation was insightful, clear and somewhat of a wake up call for Japan. Not... Continue Reading →

Being an Intern at a Startup in Japan

What? There are startups in Japan? Yes, there are. However, students in Japan rarely ever hear about this almost hidden community that actually has a huge number of players. I have been the community manager for Justa the past six... Continue Reading →

Reflection: A Year in Justa

Last year Justa has been more than hectic, in the best way possible. We have had many changes happen to us, and it’s all thanks to those companies and candidates who have supported our service by signing up. Here are... Continue Reading →

When you’re socializing costs you’d better be sociable

or being Uber and being a mensch. Uber is now valued at $40 billion, which is amazing for a taxi company with no taxies, and Airbnb is worth $13 billion, which is a lot of money for a hotel chain... Continue Reading →

Winning at Growth Hacking (in one industry…)

What do you do to grow your user base when starting from scratch and no one knows about you? When starting an online startup recruitment solution, as we define Justa, you need to build your user base pretty soon. It’s... Continue Reading →

How to tackle gender inequality in the IT industry in Japan (and everywhere)?

The unsettling truth about numbers, women and IT; and how to fix it from within. In Japan and beyond! Tom joined our team a few weeks ago and his first assignment was to fix the admin area of our startup recruitment solution... Continue Reading →

September? Let’s go! – Tokyo Startup Events

September in Tokyo brings us all the exciting events pretty cramped up one after the other. Is it a coincidence or is it the fact that the beginning of the end of summer is always a pleasant period in Tokyo?... Continue Reading →

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